UNIBS joins the “Centro Nazionale per lo sviluppo di terapia genica e farmaci con tecnologia RNA”. The research is coordinated by Prof. Stefania Mitola and Prof. Paolo Bergese.

We are happy to announce that Dr. Elisabetta Grillo received a Young Investigator Grant from Fondazione Cariplo to study the role of Gremlin-1 in adipose tissue at the University of Brescia in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Marche. For more information read here.

Mattia Domenichini and Francesco D’Agostino presented an abstract at the online workshop “Young Minds at Work: Blending Biology and Bioinformatics”. Mattia was selected for an oral presentation entitled: “VEGFR2(R1051Q) and FGFR1(D647N) correspondent mutations exhibit pro-oncogenic effects both in vitro and in vivo”.

We participated to the Young Biochemists in Lombardy Meeting in Milan on 3rd June 2022. Mattia Domenichini presented a Poster entitled “Hot spot mutation in receptor tyrosine kinases elicits pro-oncogenic effects” and was awarded with a “Best Poster presentation” award.

Call For Papers. We are happy to announce that we are serving as Guest Editors for a Special Issue on Cells Journal entitled: “New Insights into Tyrosine Kinase Alterations in Human Diseases”. Visit the link for further information.


  • 2023: all Stefania Mitola’s group took part to the workshop “Oltre i limiti del microscopio: come massimizzare la resa della propria strumentazione” organized by the University of Brescia in collaboration with ZEISS. Read more here
  • 2023: Stefania Mitola presented at “UniBSDAYS” organized by the University of Brescia. “Dal microscopio di Golgi alla microscopia multifotone”.
  • 2023: Elisabetta Grillo gave a speech part to “Dies Fasti” at Calini High School in Brescia.
  • 2022: We took part to “La notte dei Ricercatori” organized by the University of Brescia. Read it here
  • 2022: Stefania Mitola interview for Bresciaoggi. Read it here
  • 2022: Elisabetta Grillo participated to the CICAP FEST in Padua. Read more
  • 2021: Read the interview to Elisabetta Grillo for Corriere della Sera here
  • 2021: Stefania Mitola participated to Futura 2021 Event 
  • 2021: Elisabetta Grillo participated to the Project Pink is Good of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. Read more here
  • 2021: Watch the video about our research on ovarian cancer. Elisabetta Grillo is funded by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation with the support of Lactacyd