Extracellular cues and membrane receptors at the crossroad
between cancer and metabolic disorders

Our Work

The mechanisms that govern the way cells within tissues sense the extracellular environment are heterogenous and only partially known. However, it is evident that these extracellular cues shape the cell phenotype and behavior under both physiological and pathological conditions, thus representing attractive therapeutic targets for a wide range of human diseases. 

In our lab we investigate how soluble factors and extracellular matrix components modulate the behavior of normal and tumor cells in diverse contexts. We integrate biochemical/molecular research with advanced imaging to the study of physio-pathological angiogenesis, cancer progression and adipose tissue dysfunction.

We are committed to answer to fundamental research questions, taking active part in the process of improving the current scientific knowledge. 

The Lab

The lab is based at the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine at the University of Brescia (Italy). We have national and international collaborators both in academic and non-academic institutions.

Our team is young and motivated. The organization provides extensive facilities and a multi-disciplinary, international, multi-cultural research environment where we can develop our innovation-driven and creative research approach.